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Jamming (The sprayers IV)

Trattato di Lisbona: firma per chiedere il referendum
Aggiorna Tanker Enemy nei tuoi preferiti. D'ora in poi questo blog è raggiungibile digitando
TANKER ENEMY TV: i filmati del Comitato Nazionale


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  1. ..piccolo OT

    Nel fantatelegiornale di studioaperto oggi han sottolineato che in Cina addopereranno "razzi" per "allontanare le piogge".

    Razzi...... un bel razzo nelle chiappe gli ci vorrebbe

  2. Martial Law, Eonomic Collapse INC - Prepare

    *From:* James Meyer
    *Date:* 8/3/2008 10:57:11 AM
    *Subject:* Martial Law Is Now Only Weeks Away!!]

    I do not make it a practice to pass this type of article along but in reading it and doing some quick research Some of his markers points are really valid. Enjoy remember don't shoot the messenger.


    *I don't know whether you have heard of George Green**, but he is a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D.) and a Broker/Dealer, Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher, who was invited to become a member of the 'Power Elite'.* *However, faced with a moral and ethical dilemma, he turned his back on his former associates and chose to walk an entirely different path in which he has tried to warn the world of the Power Elite's** plans for the future.

    Anyway, my attention was drawn to a recorded telephone conversation, on July 16th 2008, between George Green and an as yet unidentified web interviewer from the 'Conscious News Network', at:

    If you cannot access it there, it can also be found at:

    *Although it is described as a 'video', as the content is audio only, the streaming is smooth and seam-free. However, knowing how busy you are (and just how little time there is left for the world), I have extracted the main points emphasized by George Green, which I have listed, without comment, as an Appendix to this email. In the event that you require clarification, having listened to this recording a half dozen times, I am familiar with all the 'nuances' and would be happy to oblige.

    The bottom line is that Bush is now expected to introduce Martial Law on or before 30th September 2008 - since this date marks the end of the Fiscal Year, when revelations about the true state of the economy - and the questionable practices of the Federal Reserve - are likely to result in riots in the streets and stockbrokers, bankers and financiers throwing themselves off the roofs of their buildings! It is not certain what pretext Bush proposes to use to 'justify' the imposition of Martial Law, but keep an eye on any War Games scheduled to take place in September 2008.
    My own money is on a Fort Detrick created Flu Pandemic spread primarily by
    compulsory vaccination but, judging from the deliberate complexity and diversity of 9/11, we must be prepared for multiple false flag events to throw state government and the citizenry off balance.

    Best regards,


    P.S. Because of the urgent and vital nature of this communication, I have extensively copied it so you can send it to others whom I hope will recirculate it as widely as possible to their email listings.


    1. At the beginning of July, the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, which is owned by the thirteen [Illuminati] Banking Families under Rothschild, stated that it wanted to audit the US Federal Reserve. Bush reluctantly had to agree to this, but with the provison that the audit would not be conducted until he has left office. However, when the truth inevitably leaks out on 30th September 2008, clearly the Bank of International Settlements will no longer be prepared to accept the US Dollar.

    2. With the realization that the Federal Reserve has been pumping two billion US Dollars a day into the economy in a forlorn effort to try to keep the US afloat, the US is now construed as 'the poor kid on the block', the 'bankrupt of the world' and nobody is prepared to lend them anything. Foreign governments have said 'We will no longer take your bonds'.

    3. This situation has resulted in worldwide repercussions: for example China, which is the biggest US creditor, has told US importers that they may not pay more then 20% of the total cost of their goods in US Dollars.

    4. Also since the beginning of July, Germany has announced that it will no longer accept Euros from eight of their fellow EU members, the two countries with which they are most concerned being Italy and Spain.
    5. The Real Estate market is expected to go down by an additional 50% from its value on 16th August. Because of the collapse of the Real Estate market, which is expected to lead to at least a further two million foreclosures within the next 12 months, US Banks are no longer prepared to trust each other, so inter-bank lending has virtually ceased.

    6. This has had a knock-on effect on would-be house purchasers. Like the old days, anyone who now wants to get a mortgage has to put 20% down and to satisfy the lender that their job is secure.

    7. You may have seen Bush go on television to tell everyone not to worry as the US Government-sponsored Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will guarantee the safety of their bank deposits. However, the truth is that the FDIC can barely raise 30 cents on the dollar to cover its potential liabilities; and Bank of America and Wells Fargo are in a similar situation.

    8. Banks have already started telling their depositors that they cannot withdraw their own cash.

    9. It is universally accepted internationally that the US Dollar is going to collapse by the end of September 2008. some foreign banks have already started to refuse to take U.S. deposits and, since the Patriot Act, if you do manage to send money to a foreign bank, they are required to report the fact to the USG, who will make you prove how you obtained it and if you cannot do so, they will automatically label you a 'terrorist' or a 'drug dealer' and confiscate it.

    10. The Bank of South America is trying to organize its own currency for use within the South American continent when the US Dollar finally crashes, based on an initial provision of eight billion dollars.

    11. As at July 1st, the Japanese stock market was down 12%, the Australian stock market was down 18%, the German stock market was down 22%, the Indian stock market was down 36%; and China's Shanghai Exchange was down 50%.

    12. Within the next year, the DOW is expected to fall to between 7500 and 8000.

    13. Everyone is now desperately trying to get liquid; and Oil, Gold and Drugs have become the only universally accepted world currencies.

    14. The only sensible advice is either to change dollars into other currencies, or buy gold and silver (while you still can, because the US is likely to make it illegal to own gold); and stock up on canned food and ammunition, the price of which is going to go through the roof. Already the major canners have reduced the size of cans by 20% to preserve stock whilst also maximizing their profits.

    15. Already 80% of the cost of an apple in a supermarket is due to energy costs; and this proportion is likely to rise. We have already started to see the situation where growers, producers and importers have stopped supplying many basic foodstuffs because the price of oil has meant that the cost of getting it to market is more than they can hope to sell it for. The food shortages that have resulted are likely to become even more acute because the USG is talking of introducing price controls. Who will be prepared to continue to supply the market when they are sustaining increasing losses?

    16. The falling value of the dollar has created artificial shortages because other countries can now buy US goods cheaper than they can produce them themselves.

    17. Inflation is expected to rise by 35 - 40% by the end of this year in real terms.
    Gasoline 5 Dollars a Gallon everywhere.

    18. Following the collapse of the US Dollar, the Euro is also expected to collapse. In fact, Russia is already negotiating with Germany about a new currency.

    19. The Iranian Oil Bourse was set up to trade oil internationally in Euros(see: but, just when the bourse was ready to go live, the submarine cables were conveniently cut.

    20. You can forget about the NAU's Amero. The Amero is off the table – the Canadian Prime Minister said 'We're not going to support a bankrupt country'; and Mexico is so corrupt that nobody knows where they're coming from.

    21. In the future, South America will be one of the safest areas on the planet. They have ample commodities and very little debt. Not everywhere is ideal (in some countries you would need to live in a defended compound). Ecuador is close to becoming self sufficient in food terms.

    22. Kissinger and the population reduction crew are trying to get WW3 started before September 30th (end of the US Fiscal Year), then Bush can suspend everything. Israel and the US are working out the details to attack Iran to start WW3. The main reason for the use of Depleted Uranium munitions in Iraq is 'to cull the herd'.

    23. Of the US population of 300 million, half are over 50 and most of the kids can't read or write. Sport and entertainment are what has been used to keep everyone going. When (rather than if) Bush calls a National Emergency, if you are over the age of 44 only if you have a use which 'they' want will 'they' be prepared to keep you alive. Moreover, what law will we have which says that we even own our own homes?

    24. Everybody must downsize into small self-contained and (as far as possible) self-sufficient communities, People will have to forget their 'wants' and to concentrate solely on what they actually need to survive.

    25. In short, we are marching towards our self-imprisonment. I'm ready to get out of harm's way. I know high ups who will tell me when it's time to leave.


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